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Achieve That Perfect Figure Through Personal Training & Nutritional Planning

Meet your weight loss and health goals with the help of Dewayne J. Malone of Against All Odds Fitness. Dewayne provides you with personalized workout programs and nutritional planning based around your specific needs and goals. Whether getting into shape for a competition or simply for your own personal satisfaction, Dewayne is ready to help you. Contact Dewayne J. Malone today at (888) 327-8510 in Houston, Texas, for personal training and nutritional planning.

Competition Training Specialties:
Body Building | Figure Women | Swimsuit | Modeling

Dewayne J. Malone

Why Use a Personal Trainer?

Personal training allows you to work one-on-one with a fitness expert in order to achieve the body and figure you've always wanted. Dewayne focuses on helping individuals from ages 10 to 90 establish a healthy lifestyle, working with you to plan nutritionally balanced meals based specifically on your body type and goals.

Body Fat Reduction

As part of his body fat reduction program, Dewayne J. Malone creates a customized menu for you based on your goals, body fat, and body type. Dewayne also utilizes resistance training to meet your fitness goals. His training is focused, yet random enough to always keep your body guessing, ultimately helping you reduce your body's fat and gain muscle much sooner.

Natural Promotions

Natural Promotions is a company that promotes natural shows for Musclemania. I'm one of the owners and promoters. Our shows promote female figures, modeling, bikini and female bodybuilding. It's all natural and drug tested. We also promote male bodybuilding and male modeling, and it's drug tested as well.

Dewayne J. Malone


"If you don't believe, you will not achieve."

- Dewayne J. Malone


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